Castle Pines Orthodontics Treatment

Not just straightening teeth, but improving confidence.

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At Castle Pines Orthodontics, we specialize in providing you with the best, most suitable care for your orthodontic needs. A visibly appealing smile is just a byproduct of the dental health we aim to provide. Straight, properly spaced teeth make it easier for you to keep your mouth healthy and avoid costly dental problems such as:

  • Tooth decay
  • Gum disease
  • Tooth loss
  • Abnormal tooth wear
  • Inefficient chewing
  • Excessive stress on gum tissue
  • Jaw alignment

We strive to provide the best orthodontic treatments available and our staff customizes every treatment to meet your individual needs. Dr. Andrew Dunbar was voted Best Orthodontist in Castle Rock and Castle Pines by 5280 Magazine since 2008 and has more than a decade of orthodontic experience. If you are searching for a friendly, professional team to help straighten your or your child’s teeth, Castle Pines Orthodontics is the place to go!

A Beautiful Smile at Any Age!

Braces and orthodontic correctors aren’t just for teens. They’re for anyone who desires straighter teeth, a better smile, and most importantly, better dental health. Dr. Dunbar provides care to:

Children: Who says you need to be a teen before you have braces? Early orthodontic correction can lead to a lifetime of healthy smiles for your child.

Teens: A majority of the people who seek braces are teenagers. We can formulate a plan specifically tailored for your teen’s stage of development.

Adults: Concerned about the stigma of being an adult with braces? One in every five orthodontic patients is over 21 and we have a wide variety of braces options.


Your dentist may have discussed with you the benefits of having healthy teeth and proper jaw alignment. Crooked and crowded teeth are hard to clean and maintain. This can result in tooth decay, worsen gum disease and lead to tooth loss.

Other orthodontic problems can contribute to abnormal wear of tooth surfaces, inefficient chewing function, excessive stress on gum tissue and the bone that supports the teeth, or misalignment of the jaw joints. These can lead to chronic headaches and face or neck pain.

Treatment by an orthodontist can be less costly than the additional care required to treat dental problems arising as a result of orthodontic problems. For most people, a beautiful smile is the most obvious benefit of orthodontics, and your beautiful smile will contribute to improved overall dental health.

We offer the following types of braces to our patients:

  • Traditional braces using rhodium metal brackets
  • Symetri Clear Braces
  • Spark Clear Aligners

Our Advanced Technology

We offer our patients exceptional orthodontic care using the most up to date technology. From our advanced braces technology to our state of the art Planmeca ultra low dose x-ray machine and i-tero scanner, we are fully equipped to put a beautiful smile on your face!